4 Top Social Media Practices for Recruitment in 2018

Social media has proven itself to be a useful marketing channel for companies to deliver an effective recruitment strategy.  Here’s how to make best use of it this year.

It’s probabaly no surprise to you that today’s recruitment challenges are greater than ever. Not only do job seekers expect more but there are many more companies to compete against who are vying to hire top talent. Online marketing methods change frequently, so the recruitment strategies used by companies require regular updating and improving to fit with the times.

In the past decade, social media has provided an effective approach to find and engage with talent. It’s now so well established that it’s even got its own term and is known as ‘social recruiting.’ Forward-thinking companies and even small businesses have stayed abreast of social media changes so that they can continue to make the best use of them.

Here are four social media for recruitment practices to make a note of for this year:

LinkedIn is THE place to be

It’s not just a place where you can connect with your former colleagues and look around to see who has changed jobs; it’s THE place to be to find influencers and top talent. It may have started out as an ‘also ran’ with only its professional angle differentiating it from Facebook and Twitter, but it’s now evolved into a content platform that can be used to attract candidates.

Instagram Stories

Over the last few years, Instagram usage has exploded, and it offers an outstanding opportunity for social recruiting in the form of Instagram Stories. Companies have an opportunity to promote their brand and reach out to new prospective hires with the clever use of hashtags.

Generation Z is here

You may have spent the last few years optimising your recruitment strategy to suit the Millenials, and now Gen Z has arrived. The Millenials are technical, but Gen Z has spent their entire lives in the digital age, and did you know that 40% of them would rather have wifi than working bathrooms! You can discover more about them here. It’s key to prepare for them and to meet them where you can reach them – which just happens to on the latest social media sites.

Passive candidates

This group of people isn’t actively seeking a new job, but if you were to approach them with something interesting, they certainly would be up for discussing it.

It’s thought that almost 75% of the workforce is classified as passive candidates, and social media makes it possible to contact them. A powerful way to find them is to use social listening tools such as Mention.

Although social recruiting may have taken some time not to be met by companies with a fair amount of resistance, it’s certainly something that is here to stay. Good marketing, whether that is in the recruitment field or not, always finds it’s customers where they hang out, and that place happens to be on social media. The companies that go with that flow will enjoy the results.